Saffron Zafferano del Meneghino

  • A true convenience, these individually sealed bags preserve freshness of the saffron while providing a neat simplicity by having the saffron powdered and ready for use. Zafferano Saffron is indispensable for a great Milanese-style risotto, or for an aromatic and elegant bouillabaisse, the famous fish soup from Marseilles. A fragrant spice: Zafferano Saffron is terrific in home made fish soup Package contains 12 X 0.125 Gram bags of Zafferano saffron powder. Prodotto Italiano
  • Spain and Morocco are famous for their saffron, but Italy, too, produces saffron of the very finest quality in Abruzzo and in Monreale, Sardegna. Saffron lends its thick fragrance and brilliant color to a wide variety of traditional Italian dishes from seafood soups to Risotto Milanese.Zafferano del Meneghino.

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Did you know that you can find this famous spice (Saffron) in Italy. We covered a very nice article and video here regarding the cultivation of Safron in the Italian hills.

Here we also provide the option of purchasing the italian saffron.


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