Balsamiq Vinager Bonini 50 years old private reserve

  • ONLY ONE INGREDIENT: Grape Must. In our dark and silent aging room, durmast oak, acacia, cherry ash, and chestnut barrels imbue our balsamic with their precious aroma with a slow passing of time.
  • RISERVA 50 YEARS: the Balsamico Bonini of Modena comes from a battery of barrels started far back in 1969. The grape must after so many years have conserved an acidity just slightly perceptible. Made in Italy
  • NATURAL PROCESS: Bonini Balsamico is the result of the slow acetification of the must (and only must!) of local grapes. During this process the must is transformed thanks to the tireless efforts of acetic acid bacteria, fermenting, maturing and aging until it finally qualifies for “Traditional Balsamic Vinegar”. It should not be confused with the more common balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP which is a wine vinegar base with the addition of grape must and sometimes caramel.
  • CHOICE OF STARRED CHEFS: In 2014 the world’s 50 best restaurants academy and its sponsor S.Pellegrino selected Bonini for their events in Milan and London to showcase the best italian products to international industry experts,chefs,and food writers. Balsamico Bonini is chosen in several starred chefs kitchen such as Fabio Ciervo (La Terrazza dell’Eden, Rome), Suzette Gresham (Acquerello, San Francisco), Ettore Bocchia (Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio), Heinz Beck (Apsleys, London), and many more
  • ABSOLUTE PERFECTION: Impress your friends and enhance your own senses. Balsamico Bonini Condiment are produce with the same 100% grape must and the same method as the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) balsamic. Mature in barrels 50 years old this precious condiment is absolute “out of this world” on vanilla ice cream, strawberries, raspberries, or even a “straight” spoonful after your meal as a digestive.

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Balsamiq Vinager is one of Modena’s most precious assets. Here is a 50 year old reserve to be used with special food combinations.


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