Fiasconaro Oro Nero Panettone, Coffee Cream/Spreader, 1000 Gram

      • Includes 1- 1000 g Panettone with chocolate drops, 1 – Coffee Cream to spread and 1 – spread knife.
      • “Paradise of Coffee” so called by the emperors, gives the specific taste and aroma of the coffee that is recognized universally as “Oro Nero” or black gold
      • Ingredients chosen and selected exclusively from the production island as sugar, vanilla, citrus honey, hazelnuts, stimulate the palate with unexpected combinations of flavors and fragrances
      • A slow and gradual rise, which comes naturally implemented over a thirty-six hours, guarantees quality and flavor to baked goods, in full respect of confectionery traditions Madonie

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Why not go all out and get a traditional Panetone with coffer cream to go!


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