Shampoo Camomilla 200ml

  • Delicate shampoo for blond and light brown Hair
  • A soft and gentle Shampoo that respects the natural balance of your hair, leaving it soft, bouncy, shiny
  • We monitor the content of seven heavy metals (nickel, chromium, cadmium, lead, mercury, arsenic, antimony) on each batch of each of our products to minimize allergy
  • L’Erbolario was born in Lodi in 1978, as a small artisan herbalist shop
  • All of our products are made in Italy, are good for mankind, the environment, are organic, and are cruelty free. We believe in natural beauty and won’t settle for anything less than certified quality

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We use these shampo’s on a regular basis. The best from a great company that is proud of their natural offerings. Located in Lodi, Italy


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