Natural Sulfur Bars for Muscle Pain

  • The properties of sulphur have always been known in folk medicine. Sulphur torches or bars have always been used as a natural remedy for neck pain, chills, stiff neck, joint pain.
  • Rolling the sulphur bar over your body relaxes the epidermis and underlying fascia until you release tension and muscle blockage. The conical shape makes it simple and easy to use, facilitating the discharge of the absorbed energy
  • Use: Cool the torch in the freezer for a few minutes. Roll the sulphur bar on the affected area for 5/10 minutes; small popping sounds will indicate the action of sulphur, which absorbs the tensions present in the inflamed area
  • You can reuse the sulphur torch until it breaks. Once the sulphur bars have broken into small and no longer usable pieces, sprinkle them in hot water to create a compress for the painful area or a soothing, relaxing foot bath
  • Package containing three sulphur torches. Sulphur torch size: diameter 2.5 cm, length 8.5 cm.

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We love these Sulfur sticks for back pain relieve. Typical of the Ligurian area you basicaly rub them on your back or shoulder till you here them crack and the relieve muscle tensions all around. Here is an article we did on our blog explaining the magic!


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